The Force - Episodes
Universal Radiostation The Force.
Listen to the journals of Captain 'L' and mission specialist Marina OfLight
on board Galaxy Cruiser 'The Force' on a discovery mission
through the Unknown and Multidimensional Space...

The international )* and multiuniversal crew of the Force is -and will be- selected by Universal Powers.
Right now it includes Captain 'L', mission specialist Marina OfLight and recently added: West, the cook.

Mission Specialist Marina OfLight was trained at the Universal School of Love and Enlightenment.
Chosen because of her abilities to channel and contact beings from the Universe,
she's our guide on this adventurous journey.

Marina is also known for her groundbreaking channelled movies and lightwork.
Her website can be found here: www.marinasmasters.com

During the voyages more crew members will join by responding and contributing to our broadcasts.
So please respond to this call with your comments and/or contributions.

)* Not all of us are native English speakers. We do however hope you will not be too disturbed by our accents,
   and appreciate the fact that we try to communicate with you the best we can.

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Episode 1 - Pilot, introducing Marina and Captain 'L'
Episode 2 - introducing Ramah... (live channeling)
Episode 3 - introducing West, the Chef....
Episode 4 - A very spiritual encounter with Astarius......
Episode 5 - An encounter with the Lighthouse Keeper and Universal predictions for 2007 get the crew in a somewhat poetic mood today...
Episode 6 - Listening to the ships iPod we got inspired by Todd Rundgren... Shownotes here
Episode 7 - Sowing The Seeds Of Love... Based on a channeling on Love by Marina. Shownotes here
Episode 8 - Peoples Quest for Love... Marina reflects on what people are looking for on datingsites
Episode 9 - It's 2012. Time to wake up... What's going on..?

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