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The Force is your Universal Radio Station broadcasting from Galaxy Cruiser 4CE, somewhere in the Universe.

On board are commander Captain 'L', mission specialist Marina OfLight and West, the cook.

During it's travels we hope to recruit more crewmembers. So if you feel like joining us, and contribute to our mission, let us know so we can beam you on board.

Inspired by the pirate radioships in the 60's, we broadcast from our vessel, using the latest technology, such as Podcasts and internet audiofiles. Our bridge is also a multifunctional mediastudio from where we keep you up to date with our mission.

Music plays an important role too. Our iPods hold thousands of songs that we love to share with you.
"#16F3D6"We use music to boost moral on board and to lift our levels of conciousness.

We are cruising the Universe to share with you Knowledge in Oneness. Here it is where we hope to find answers as: "why is it you are here on Planet Earth", "what are you doing here", "who am I"... Many of these questions will be answered during the broadcasts.

We also discuss what it is you can do to contribute to Oneness, the changes we are making; what is Multi-dimensional consciousness and why do we gather on the internet.

Enjoy! And may The Force be within you...