PodCasting from somewhere in the Universe, this is The Force.
What is Podcasting?
Think of a podcast as a radio show. Each show consists of a series of individual episodes that you can listen to how and whenever you want
on your PC or Mac, using your iTunes, your iPhone/iPod, any MP3 player, or with just from a web browser.

Subscribing to a PodCast means you will receive new episodes automatically when they are published. You don't need an iPod or iPhone to listen to them, just use your mediaplayer or iTunes (highly recommended). However, when you have an iPod connected to your computer, PodCasts will automatically be loaded on your iPod as well, ready to play wherever and whenever you choose. (iTunes comes pre-installed standard on any Mac.)

Subscribtions to PodCasts are free!

The best and easiest way to receive PodCasts is using the iTunes application. (PC or Mac)

iTunes enables anyone to quickly and easily find and subscribe to their favorite Podcasts so that every time there’s a new episode, it’s automatically downloaded to their Mac® or PC and Auto-Synced to their iPod. iTunes also makes it easy to manage multiple Podcast subscriptions with simple organization and display by episode and date. iPods now offer an easy to use Podcast menu, including bookmarking within a Podcast and the ability to display color Podcast artwork.

Download iTunes here (free)

This radiobroadcast can be received and listened to right here on www.4ce.com or you may subscribe to the Podcast here so you will receive future episodes automatically.

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If you've never listened to podcasts, you're in for a treat. Sports, comedy, movies, food, politics, music, books, speeches, walking tours, whatever — you name the topic and you'll find podcasts about it. Not only do you have incredible choice, you can listen whenever and wherever you want.

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The Force

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