ShowNotes - Episode 6
All the stuff we talk about in Episode 7 is based on a channeling by Marina, given to her by her guide Ramah. Below the original transcript of this channeling

Are you in a relationship? Of course you are: with everybody! And because you are in relationship, another opportunity is around the corner for you to grow. Deepen your relationship as the energies of this year will allow you to do so. Many of us, especially those who are in a Love-Relation (partners) are noticing the deepening. It can be a bumpy ride but OH, the lessons are so good!

What does it mean to stand next to your partner, on equal level? It means looking inside of you:

  • Am I providing my partner with what he/she needs.
  • Am I being true to myself while doing that.
  • Can I give without wanting-back.
  • Can I recieve.


What is LOVE is a question I hear so many times. What is Love?


Nothing more, nothing less. For Human it is very difficult to Love, we have come to earth with a Heart to Love with, or to Hate with, the choice is OURS. That is why we have relations: To Learn and Grow! When you are in Relation with someone and they are very close and dear to you, those are the ONEs we usually forget to give the most. We don't GIVE if we want something in Return. Wanting something in Return.


When I give My Love to you and I want you to do what I do, think like I do, become mine, do what I tell you to do, then Love is NOT shared. Love IS. I do nice things for you because I love you. Not because I want you to love me too. You don't have to say to me I am Nice or a Loving Person because I know that.

Are you a LOVER or a HEALER?

Look closely onto your own behaviours: Am I my Loves Love or am I presenting myself as Healer, therapist. Am I letting you FREE in all choices you make, being unattached? For Unconditional Love is WITHOUT attachments and demands. Am I giving YOU what I give to a client, friend or stranger? When my Love comes home from work, will I clean the house for him/her like I do when I have friends over. Will I make myself look pretty for my partner the same when I go out with friends. I am still doing that, like I did when I was In Love with him/her?

Talk, Talk and Talk
Share your Love, your thinking, your feelings, open your hearts and souls to one another. Only when you speak out what is on your mind, or heart, will connect you to your partner, relationship. Deepening means talking about your fears, angers, upsets, laughs and intimicy. Make everything Open and Honest. Talk and Share! In Unconditional Love. When your partner tells you something and it upsets you, are you truly listening to him/her or are you only giving attention to your own trigger? Why can we listen to a client or friend without feeling hurt or lost? We can listen to our partner without letting our triggers triggering us! We tend to treat badly the ones we love the most.

Now is the TIME to deepen your relation even more, lifting it up to higher realms. Higher energy provides us to become more and more aware of the Awakening of True Love. That Love which is Unconditional. It means standing aside of your partner, not as a healer or therapist, but as A Real Lover. Unconditionally. This is for ALL relations you have, not only for your partner.

Of course you put more time and energy in your Love-Relation, but why not do so with everybody. Every person deserves YOUR LOVE.

Are You LOVE?

Give and Give My Loves, don't want something back. Let go of old programming, the things you have learned from parents, teachers, the world around you. And when you can act on this with friends, why not so with the ones who are so near and dear. Great lessons to become Love even more. The energies NOW will provide you with the Utmost opportunities to let this happen real swiftly for you. Not like it was a couple of years ago. See what you are doing, make an intention to let go of old programming, notice the lessons following on this intention you set out into the universe, practice again and see here: the New World is Yours. Totally.


For Us,

LYRICS 'PROPERTY' - Todd Rundgren

I'll be your fantasy, but I won't be your property
Love you eternally, but I'll never be your property
Love from me's not guaranteed
Just because you think I'm property
I can love you totally and still not be your property

Every girl and boy wants to grow up to be loved someday
And you can't wait to give your heart away
But it's like worship in their eyes walking down the aisle
When you slip on that ring, they start to treat you like a thing, yeah

I call it slavery when you call someone your property
Don't waste your vanity, I will never be your property

Something wonderful happens when people fall in love
Your happiness is all they're thinking of
But it's like "anything you say" 'til the wedding day
When they get it in ink, they start to tell you what to think, yeah

Darkest day in history when someone invented property
Cause of our misery is the constant lust for property

Since god began it, we've been dividing up the planet
When you see something you want it
You've got to put your name tag on it
And we go on carving, meanwhile half the world is starving
It's a crime .. hands off what is mine!

Take all you can 'til you slam on the parking brake
And you need space to make your own mistakes
But it's like "I won't hold you back" 'til the bags are packed
Then they're struttin' about like they own you inside out

I call it slavery (you can't make me a slave),
when you call someone your property
Don't waste your vanity (don't be so vain),
I will never be your property
Darkest day in history (why did you have to do a thing like that)
when someone invented property
Cause of our misery (misery, misery)
is the constant lust for property

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